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Motor pumps

With more than 50 years of experience, AllightSykes has become an important benchmark in worldwide water management.


With more than 50 years of experience, AllightSykes has built itself into a major force water management across the globe. From urban work sites to flood water control, its wide range of robust and reliable drain pumps offer solutions to meet all customers water management requirements. Recognised as one of the most energy efficient and reliable in the market, Sykes pumps offer less downtime and energy usage and the lowest cost of ownership.

Talk directly to the experts

If customization requirements are what you are after, Sykes has a team of in-house engineers and technical experts who can work with you to develop custom solutions for your requirements.

Premium build specification

Sykes offers robust and reliable products for the most demanding and challenging applications. Their in-house engineering team can design and manufacture custom equipment.

Low operation and maintenance costs

Skyes strongly believe in optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime to make the ownership safe, simple and cost-effective. We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality products with reduced downtime and low energy usage, keeping your operation and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Wide range of flexible equipment and quality aftermarket service

Sykes offers a wide range of pumps to meet and exceed customer expectations in all market segments. Plus, its quality aftermarket service keeps original parts and qualified service technicians always close to you so you can get the most from your investment.

Head down
motor pumps
Motobombas Baja Cabeza
Half head
motor pumps
Motobombas Media Cabeza
High head
motor pumps
Motobombas Alta Cabeza
Extra high head
motor pumps
Motobombas Extra Alta Cabeza
Yakka motor pumps
Motobombas Yakka
Piston motor pumps
Motobombas Piston

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    with us for more information.

    We are at your disposal for any questions.

    Get in touch with us for more information.

    We are at your disposal for any questions.

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    Corredor Sur Panama Este
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