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Quality Policy

“General Solutions & Services S.A. provides supply, rental, maintenance, and repair services for power plants, water treatment plants, water pumps, and their related components.

We deliver high-quality materials and services, offering timely, efficient, and guaranteed solutions. We prioritize having a responsive technical support team, ensuring compliance with both client requirements and legal standards. In aiming to become the leading company in the market and ensure our long-term sustainability, we strive for customer satisfaction. We rely on our competent staff, who are dedicated to continuous process improvement, as well as on the effectiveness of our suppliers and subcontractors.”


Following the path of continuous improvement, we have implemented a quality management system under the ISO 9001/2015 standard, with the following general objectives:

Improve our image and credibility

Improve customer satisfaction

Fully integrate our processes

Decide to be backed by evidence

A culture of continuous improvement

Always involve our people

The development of our company is based on respect for five main lines that are part of our culture and history.

Lasting relationships
We prioritize long-lasting relationships with our clients.
Business ethics
We maintain the highest standards of business ethics.
We put customer service first
We put customer service before any other priority.
The satisfaction of our customers
The satisfaction of our customers as the only guarantee for the future.
Exceed expectations
Quality of products and services that exceed expectations.
Entrega Certificado Iso 9001

Quality survey

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