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Valves and instrumentation

The companies that make up Fondón Global have almost 50 years of experience in the field of fluid networks, especially in the mining, oil, chemical, water, energy, cement, paper, food and steel subsectors.

Fondón Global

Fondón Global offers services ranging from the design and manufacture of standard and specialised valves, the sale of own brand products or products from leading market brands, full service supply capability, to turnkey contracts for engineering projects in industrial automation. This structure offers the endorsement, for years, of ISO 9001 quality certifications.a ofrece el aval, desde hace años, de las certificaciones de calidad ISO 9001.

Fondón Global’s business model is built on four solid pillars, from which it offers global solutions tailored to the needs of each client:


The design division of equipment for fluid control enables the generation of customized solutions for special valves and systems. The industrial automation engineering division, located in Fondón Redes y Fluidos, develops projects with any communication protocol. We have extensive experience in the FF (FieldBus Foundation) protocol.


Fondón Redes y Fluidos facilities serve as the headquarters for the management of the production centres of special valves. From this site a network of centres that produce the different equipment is managed.


Fondón Global (FG) is a registered trademark of Fondón Redes y Fluidos, through which the products manufactured by the company are marketed. The objective of this measure is to enhance and expand the range of solutions that we can offer through our partners, market leaders in fluid networks and / or automation. This strategic action allows us to provide global solutions to any company that demands this type of need.


The ability to represent leading manufacturers in their respective markets allows the company to integrate solutions in fluid networks and automation, based on the combined experience of all of them and the Company´s.

Ball valves
valvulas De Bola
Gate valves
valvulas De Compuerta 2
Control valves
valvulas De Control
Diaphragm valves
valvulas De Diafragma
Balancing valves
valvulas De Equilibrado
Globe valves
valvulas De Globo
Guillotine valves
valvulas De Guillotina
Plug valves
valvulas De Macho
Butterfly valves
valvulas De Mariposa
Retention valves
valvulas De Retencion
Reducing valves
valvulas Reductoras
Synthetic valves
valvulas Sinteticas
Actuators and positioners
actuadores Y Posicionadores
Hydromechanical equipment
equipos Hidromecanicos
Composite synthetic products
poductos Sinteticos Composites
Detectors instrumentation
instrumentacion Detectores
Flow instrumentation
instrumentación Caudal
Level instrumentation
instrumentacion Nivel
Pressure instrumentation
instrumentacion Presión
Ex solutions
soluciones Ex
Automation control systems
automatización Sistemas De Control
Gateways automation
automatización Pasarelas
HMI panel pc
hmi Panel Pc
Automatic analyzers
analizadores Automaticos
Sampling systems
sistemas De Muestreo
Measurement and analysis
medicion Y Analisis

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